WINS replication

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>> JF--any idea how difficult it would be to patch the NetBIOS broadcast
>> detection code into the WINS code, so that machines not able to hear the
>> broadcasts could still connect to those computers via the WINS server?
>> curious how much revamping would be necessary.
>do you mean UDP 138 "netbios datagram distribution" (see rfc1001/1002 -
>NBDD)?  this is not enabled in samba.  someone three or so years ago did
>say that they were patching samba to do this, they went silent when i
>mentioned "GPL".
>if you mean just UDP 137 (NetBIOS name resolution) then samba does the job
>already, samba will allow the resolution of NetBIOS names for
>point-to-point NetBIOS clients already and has been able to do so since
>the introduction of nmbd WINS server capabilities in 1.9.15 (or


    What I'd like is for /var/lock/samba.d/browse.dat to automatically
convert and enter itself into /var/lock/samba.d/wins.dat .  That way,
clients not within the broadcast zone could still "pick up" on the IP's via

    This is of specific concern for me since I had to sacrifice my NetBIOS
access in order to directly connect my Linux machine to the network.  My
windows machine exists Proxy ARP'ed through a 100mbit hub, but since it's on
a different broadcast address and there's no way to bridge broadcasts in
Linux, it gets everything but NetBIOS.

    Any ideas?

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