take on future events

Dan Kaminsky effugas at best.com
Mon Feb 1 08:53:36 GMT 1999

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>Dan Kaminsky wrote:
>> What about simply copying the WINS database to a
>> second server?  It's a flat file, as far as I
>> could see. Sure, it would only work Samba <-> Samba, but
>> like you said, why would you ever use NT for something
>> like this?
>You right it is a flat file. However, the dynamic
>nature of NetBIOS name registration would make
>this impossible to keep in sync and since the file
>is in use by nmbd, replacing it could have some
>horrible affects I imagine.

Maybe we could use the same file, NFS mounted.

This would, of course, require that only one nmbd would have or need write
access at a given time.  Maybe asimple patch to the code that basically
shuts off updates to the database file for one of the failovers as long as a
"heartbeat" signal is detected on the primary file could work.  The
heartbeat could be something like a netbios name that would be updated every
30 seconds.  If the update failed, the secondary failover would start using
its own database file.

    Dan Kaminsky

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