[patch] Re: smbmount problem

Paul PELaufer at csupomona.edu
Mon Feb 1 05:25:38 GMT 1999

>       Warning!  If you use this patch and you do not implement the
> fix for the deadly embrace, you will cause smbmount processes to hang
> in a deadly embrace.  You have to reboot in order to clear the mount
> points.
>       If you didn't fix the setsid problem you could not have properly
> tested it against autofs.  I've already compared notes with HPA (author
> of autofs) and determined the problem.  There is a determinant deadly
> embrace.  It doesn't work with autofs unless you fix this problem!  If
> you don't fix this problem, a hung smbmnt process will lock up the mount
> point until you reboot.

All I can say for myself is that I never experianced such a thing in my
short testing. I did notice the race, and the ugly error messages printed
by the kernel smbfs code whilst the connection wasn't completed. Only the
problems that I noticed were fixed by my patch. <shrug> I used Mike
Warfield's smbmount syntax script between autofs and smbmount, and I did
notice some comments in there about a workaround for such a thing. If you
found the problem, great! 

There are still some small problems with Samba and glibc 2.0.10x, which
according to Ulrich Drepper should be released as a stable version some
time in the near future, unless something really bad pops up. I'm not
talking about the uid thing. I put up a post a few days ago detailing the
problems I've seen so far.

Good work (esp. Mike), keep it up.

Paul Laufer

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