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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Mon Feb 1 02:53:00 GMT 1999

Greetings again! :-)

So here's my take on future events as far as Samba 
is concerned.  Comments welcome.  This is a "Samba'a 
future" chapter in the book.

   * LDAP support will continue (become official when?)
     - the ability to interface with an external LDAP 
       server for Windows NT account information 
       (used only for PDC functionality?)

   * NIS+ support (anyone working on this now?)
     - provide the same functionality as the LDAP 
       backend.  Also abale to get /etc/passwd 
       entries from NIS+ as well as smbpasswd info

   * PDC development will continue (official in 2.1 maybe?)
     TODO list 
        - trust relationships
        - PDC <-> BDC replication (are we going to try to 
          do this?)
        - writeable access to Samba account database via
          NT graphical tools

   * NT ACL support on Samba shares

   * what about WINS replication (anyone interested 
     on working on this?)

   * How to handle NT5?
     - Samba should be able to function as an NT4 PDC
       and get NT5 clients to use the domain model,
       but what about new NT5 features?  Any thoughts?

   * True Windows NT printing support (spoolss pipe).

Any other things that should be mentioned?

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