Security Identifier (SID) to User Identifier (uid) ResolutionSystem

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Thu Dec 30 20:46:29 GMT 1999

On Thu, Dec 30, 1999 at 01:40:49PM -0700, Leslie M. Barstow III wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Dec 1999, Nicolas Williams wrote:
> > Leslie M. Barstow III (phoenix at wrote:
> > Luke insists that the current behaviour is bad. IT IS NOT. It's just
> > looks bad because when one tries to look at and manipulate ACLs on Unix
> > files on SMB clients via Samba fileservers one will see user/group names
> > that are qualified as being local to the Samba server REGARDLESS of any
> > REAL EQUIVALENCY there might actually be between the NT user and it's
> > Unix persona.
> Actually, I think Jeremy over-simplified when he stated there were no
> problems with multiple domains (on which you based this conclusion).  For
> your situation, he is right - there is no problem with current
> name-mapping.  However, you and I are both thinking about corporate
> mergers.  I've already seen name conflicts between domains, and neither
> half of the new company wants to change, but they want added access.  The
> SIDs work together, but Samba only uses the name, and that doesn't.

Well, yes, but then you'd also have Unix username conflicts, most
likely... :(

Anyways, I think SURS can be an appropriate tool to deal with mergers,
sometimes, if the circumstances are right.

> > A getXXXbyYYY() interface is needed that does not hide SIDs.
> We could put the SID in the GECOS field...


> > Actually, a generic interface to user credentials (POSIX, NT, whatever)
> > is needed. This might then generate interest in kernels supporting more
> > than one type of credential for processes and, eventually, for files.
> > After all, the use of cred structs in many *nix kernels was done to make
> > credentials more opaque to various areas of kernel code. Let's further
> > this trend.
> This is beyond my time abilities.  If someone wants to champion this, I
> would welcome it.  The Linux community would either think (a) this is a
> good hack, or (b) it will slow down the system substantially (arbitrary
> credentials being looked up almost constantly will not be quick...)

I'm not a member of the Linux community.

> PS - how do you folks get through all of these messages?  I could have
>      a full-time job just on conversations :-}

Y2K freeze. You won't hear from me much after today... The project
deluge begins in a few days.

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