Database code

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Thu Dec 30 05:09:08 GMT 1999

> Sorry i didn't say somethign before, but did you look at the 
> Berkeley db package?

I did consider Sleepycat, but apart from the minor license issues
(which I'm sure could be worked around) it looked a bit heavy-weight
for many of the small database modules that we have in Samba. It is
about 70k lines of code in total, whereas tdb is less than 1k. I
thought that the issues surrounding long term integration of their
config stuff with ours and the fact that we don't need (yet!) 90% of
the features they have meant it was better to reimplement it.

Once I've done the WINS database on top of tdb I may decide that we do
need some of their features, but at this stage the tdb stuff is
working out really well and has fitted in beautifully where we
previously used our shared memory code.

Cheers, Tridge

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