Database code

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Dec 29 23:11:47 GMT 1999

> I'm just a little annoyed that I wrote an entirely similar system a year 
> or so ago and was told it wasn't useful/needed.  Urq.

If you mean the database stuff that is in the current ubiqx release
than that doesn't do what we need. It doesn't allow multiple
simultaneous writers. Thats also why I didn't use gdbm, dbm or ndbm.

if you didn't mean that and it does do everything I described when I
started this then maybe you could have mentioned it before I spent a
week implementing? I enjoy coding, but I would have been delighted to
use an existing system if there had been one (I spent quite some time
looking for a system that met the requirements and failed to find

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