Strange Network Neighborhood/Samba Problem

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Wed Dec 29 15:01:17 GMT 1999

M E <coleman911 at> wrote:

> Thanks for your reply. I don't see how my tcp/ip
> configuration could be wrong because the name still
> shows up under network neighborhood.

It only means that your PC can hear your SAMBA box, or that it can hear a
browse master computer that can hear your SAMBA box.

In the latter, it may be that you do not even have TCP/IP at all on your PC.

By having the subnet mask, or the default gateway wrong, you can end up with
any number of communications problems.

> Just to make
> sure, will somebody please give me a quick overview of
> how to set up tcp/ip under linux? Thanks

All I know about it was contained in the How-to directories on the LINUX
CD-ROM image download from the www.  I am not a LINUX Subject Matter Expert.
My LINUX box was set up a year ago, is running in appliance mode in a lights
out room playing firewall and router.  I really do not remember all the
specific settings.  I saved them off on a floppy somewhere in case I need to
rebuild the box.

You may be able to get more information from one of the LINUX related
newsgroups or mailing lists, or possibly the samba at list.

This list is for discussing the internals and technical / polictical issues
in the design of current and future SAMBA implementations.

It is more likely on one of the other mailing lists/news groups you will
find someone who has had a similar issue/solution, and will be able to
explain things to you.

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Working on SAMBA-VMS 2.0.6. only.

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