remote announce

Pilar Martínez Garrido pmartinez at
Tue Dec 28 18:00:59 GMT 1999

I have two servers with two workgroups, and I want to announce one workgroup to the other server.
Which functions are called when a server makes an announce of a workgroup?
I know that the function announce_remote() in nmbd_sendannounce.c is called, but, after that, is there any syncronization or a check that the workgroup exists?
I have these two servers comunicate with rdsi, and they get the workgroup of each other. But after a while, the connection falls down. When it goes up again, the servers announce their workgroup again, but I think that the other does not receive it, because after several hours the workgroup is erased. It is not a problem of the conection, because I send other kind of data and they are received well. 
Any help?

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