Strange Network Neighborhood/Samba Problem

M E coleman911 at
Sun Dec 26 19:27:30 GMT 1999

I have been practically pulling my hair out trying to
figure out my problem.  Here is what it is: Basically,
Samba will not work no matter what I do. I can see the
linux computer under Network Neighborhood in my Win98
machine, but if I try to open it, it tells me that the
computer cannot be found.  It will not work to ping
the linux machine from my windows machine or vice
versa. Basically the only thing that works is that I
see the computer name under network neighborhood. I
have run testparm, and done smbclient -L localhost and
everything seems to be working properly on the linux
box. I really need to figure out the problem, somebody
PLEASE help me.  Thanks in advance

coleman911 at
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