smbmount and mtab

Michel Mathis michel at
Fri Dec 24 08:35:33 GMT 1999

Hi folks

I have to use smbmount on a readonly mounted harddisk. The problem I have is
that I receive the following error message:

"Can't get /etc/mtab~ lock file"

the command I used is:

smbmount  / /computername/share -c 'mount /mnt/tmp'

I tried to use the -n switch from the mount command (do not write in mtab):
smbmmount / /computername/share -c 'mount -n /mnt/tmp'

but then the error message: "Could not resolve mount point" appeared.

has anyone a solution for my problem?

Thank you!

Michel Mathis
Gruezenstrasse 26
8640 Rapperswil
+41 55 211 08 50


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