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Wed Dec 22 15:27:39 GMT 1999

Carol Grondin wrote:

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>I installed Samba V2.0.3 for VMS on a VAX 3100

There is a SAMBA-VMS mailing list that can probably get you more direct
help, and it's archives are availble.  You can find it with the other
mailing list information at

When posting a question there, you need to post the version of OpenVMS in
use, and the vendor and release of the TCP/IP program in use at a minimum.
Also any ECO kits that may be applicable.

> and when i run testparm.exe i get the following message: lock >directory
/samba_root/var/locks should have permissions 0755 for browsing to work.
>how can i set permission 0755 for that directory?


> Can you tell me how to stop and restart samba without stopping all tcpip

No, because the method depends on what TCP/IP program that you have
installed on your OpenVMS system.  There are at least 5 different TCP/IP

I assume that you mean the SMBD, as the NMBD is run as a detached process
and is not started by the TCPIP program.

Generally you can type HELP to get useful information.

If your TCP/IP program is UCX or Digital/Compaq TCPIP, then the command:


will stop new instances of that service from being started.

$STOP/ID nnnn

Can be used to stop a specific process.


Will allow new instances to start.

Please also bear in mind that I am not running SAMBA 2.0.3, I am running
parts of 2.0.6 and working on getting the file locking / oplocks functional,
so general questions about configuring and troubleshooting production
versions of SAMBA-VMS really should be directed to the SAMBA-VMS mailing
list in PLAIN TEXT.

There may be some significant code difference in what you are running and
what I am running. :-)

wb8tyw at

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