new database code

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Tue Dec 21 23:25:09 GMT 1999

> Is there a document that can be reviewed as the "public" interface to these
> routines such as in passdb?

I've documented tdb to some extent. For a quick view see:

> This looks like a place where some platforms can introduce optimizations.

what sort of optimisations? It should be pretty fast on most systems
already. It will be slower on those without mmap(), but probably still
acceptably fast.

> Is the "locking" library going away?

all the old shmem locking code is gone. locking.c is has been
extensively modified to use the new tdb code.

> If not, will it be changed to not reference routines in server.c?  This kept
> me from converting it to a shared image.

what routines are you referring to?

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