SMBtrans + SMBtrans secondary

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Dec 21 21:41:34 GMT 1999

has anyone actually tested this code, client and server?

is it known to work?  (smbd/ipc.c  - reply_trans and libsmb/clientgen.c -

'cos it don't look like it!!!

in reply_trans, an SMBtrans is received but it expects to receive an
SMBtrans secondary with an smb_com of "SMBtrans", which fails because
cli_send_trans (and NT) send an smb_com of SMBtranss (as expected).

plus, the cli_send_trans() code doesn't advance the buffer properly, so it
sends the data it sends in the SMBtrans _again_ in the first SMBtranss.


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