SOLVED: Samba + e2compr + Linux == problems

Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel pafessel at
Mon Dec 20 19:15:13 GMT 1999

	Semms that I've confirmed that all of my problems with Samba arised
because of e2compr. After describing my problem to Alan, I've done what I
proposed myself last saturday: I've turned off compression in my home
directory and tried to save the file several times without modifications,
exactly in the same way I've done to reproduce the problem.

	Et voilá! I could save the file everytime without any problems. The server
load keep itself at normal levels of operation, and no additional smbd
daemons have been started. Yanking the ethernet cable doesn't cause no
harm, and smbd recovers graciously from network timeout problems, exactly
as described in the WhatsNew.txt.

	This has two sides: one is that it solves my near future problem about
replacing our old Netware 4.11 server, what "is a good thing" (TM); OTOH, I
think that the people that maintain e2compr must study how e2compr impacts
the correct operation of the TCP/IP stack of Linux. I'm no kernel hacker,
but if I could help I'd have no fear to study and become one. I think we
must make this clear because on-line file compression IS a feature that
sometimes is neccessary. Novell and NT have it, and I don't see why Linux
can't support that either.

	I'd like to thank Nicholas Williams (the guy that first raised the
suspects on problems with the Kernel) and Alan Cox, that pointed out that
problems with unkillable processes are signs of problems with the kernel,
and successfully pointed e2compr as the cause of the problem - something I
could verify today. I'd also like to thank to all people that develop,
troubleshoot and maintain Samba. Finally, I'd like to thank Peter J.
Moulder by bringing up e2compr which will work correctly in the future with
my help (I hope!) and the help of all members of the Linux community.


	Paulo Fessel
"The one that doesn't run the risk doesn't snap"

(Millôr, "Lições de Inglês Audiovisual", Pasquim nº117)

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