Domain-Master-Browser will not work!

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Dec 20 16:27:02 GMT 1999

> The Domain Master Browser is not elected as such.  
> Under Windows, the PDC is the domain master browser, and it is usually the
> Local Master Browser as well, but this function is subject to elections.
> Under Samba, the two functions are separate, and you use
>    domain master = yes
> to specify that Samba should be a Domain Master Browser, while a
> combination of OS level, local master and preferred master control whether
> or not Samba becomes the local master browser.

specifically, dmb functionality is TOTALLY functionally separate from lmb
functionality, to the extent where a dmb can LOSE local master browser
elections on its own subnets and still perform its role, fully, as a dmb.

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