[samba-tng] msrpc status

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Sat Dec 18 15:05:51 GMT 1999

>On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, Michael Ju. Tokarev wrote:
> Just two more suggestions (in addition to have shared libraries
> for all samba stuff) --

For what I am doing on OpenVMS, I built as many of the libraries as shared
images as could be resolved.  This is for the Released 2.0.6 source.

The LIB and PARAM libraries needed to be combined into one shared image as
there were cross references both ways.

easily built into a shared image.

The LOCKING library could not be built into a shared image as it referenced
routines in SERVER.C

RPC_SERVER library also referenced routines in the SMBD image, but since
only SMBD uses it, there was no size gain in making it a shared image.

For the libraries did resolve, I have a list of the global exported symbols
that were used.

This list may not be all inclusive of all global symbols because of
different config options and that I could not build the LINUX specific

It did result in faster rebuild times, and much smaller executables.

wb8tyw at qsl.net

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