John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Sat Dec 18 14:07:44 GMT 1999

David Nebinger, david.nebinger at eds.com wrote:

> Please keep in mind that there are non-linix OS's out there running Samba.

Actually the design that Guy described previously in this thread is portable
to at least one non-linux OS.

It may be that some or all of his source code could not be used, but the
program flow could be.

The OpenVMS I/O subsystem for both DISK and TCP/IP are natively asynchronous
calls.  This allows the described program flow to be implemented.  Properly
implemented, it would be much faster on OpenVMS than the current structure.
This would be a considerable rewrite though.

With OpenVMS, this type of server would be implemented in user mode, as the
asynchronous I/O system is exposed at that level.

If it becomes availble for Open Source, I for one will definitely be
interested as the concepts and likely the data flow and any other
descriptions on how it works would be valuable to optimizing things on

wb8tyw at qsl.net

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