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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Dec 16 16:21:39 GMT 1999

> > FWIW, I can't imagine that commercial SMB clients for non-Windows
> > platforms will be viable for long, if they are now. 
> This may be true for linux boxes, but I wouldn't claim this is true for
> other unix systems.

Also, Samba is more of a server than a client.  The client software is 
smbfs, which is Linux-specific.

> I'm sure that HP, Sun, IBM, and other server vendors running some flavor
> of unix would love to replace the world's NT servers with their own running
> Samba.  In fact I'm surprised they haven't tried this already.

Many vendors, includint SGI, Gateway, Whistle, Cobalt, Realm, etc. are 
shipping Samba.

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