[samba-tng] msrpc status

Michael Ju. Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Thu Dec 16 11:16:26 GMT 1999

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> TODO on samba itself
> luke

Ohh, you are planning major rewrite...
Just two more suggestions (in addition to have shared libraries
for all samba stuff) --
a) Think about smb.conf and loadparm etc. Such modularization will require
   some parameters in smb.conf that will be unique to some daemon, and
   others to other etc. As result, there should be also a rewrite for loadparm
   and friends so that it can accept a list of parameters that this daemon
   accepts, and should ignore other parameters. If, as you wrote, there will
   be so many daemons and a possibility to add others etc, than configuration
   reading also should be flexible so that there is no need to list all
   available parameters in loadparm, there should be other anapproach for this.
b) And I think that there should be something like "thread-safe" support.
   One day later samba team can see that all this daemons can run multi-threaded...
   For most daemons this is useful (not for current smbd -- recall at least
   it's different uid for each user that is impossible in threads, only processes).
   Most your architecture's daemons are ok to be multithreaded, and I think
   that them should be.

a) is not very difficult since loadparm and lp_xxx calls inside code are
independant of it's realisation.  But b) is more hadrer since there are a lot
of globals etc etc that should be eliminated. This can give also more accurate
code and more structural organization of it, and helps with shared libs also.
Last statement is that I always wanted to see inside of samba :)...

So -- just a reminder -- be careful!  And good luck!


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