Dan Kaminsky effugas at best.com
Thu Dec 16 07:28:40 GMT 1999

Interesting project--lends some definite credence to Luke's argument that
functionality could/should be split.  Mix and Match ;-)

(Luke--it's also a reason for you to document your code if you ever
want anybody to actually use it ;-)


1)  Licensing.  GPL?  LGPL?  Even the latter has trouble coexisting with
the former, incidentally.

2)  How's speed relative to userspace smbd?

3)  smb.conf:  Used at all?  New config format?

4)  How's stability, particularly under high loads?

5)  Security.  Unless I'm mistaken, buffer overflows are a much more
worrisome issue in kernel space, because you're talking about *really*
small chunks of space and *really* sensitive chunks of memory.  This
single fact makes any kernel space network daemon a touchy subject.  Not
that they're all evil--apparently NFS is kernel by necessity, and Linus
did speak rather highly of that tiny sendfile() http daemon that offloaded
all dynamic pages to apache.  Just that you have to meet a much, much
higher standard of benefit to override the costs.

6)  When can we play with it ;-)

Yours Truly,

	Dan Kaminsky
	DoxPara Research

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