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Ryan Russell Ryan.Russell at
Thu Dec 16 04:55:32 GMT 1999

>> Doesn't help with the no money thing, though.  For that, you're going to
>> have to form, IPO, and become a billionaire. :)

>next week.

That's only 50% joke.  I work across the street from and
within an hours drive of VALinux.

Hey, I know most of you guys are stuck in Australia.  If you like,
I'll pop down to San Hill Rd. and talk with the Venture Capitalist
guys for you.  I'd even be happy to run your Silicon Valley branch
for you.  All for a very reasonable small percentage.

Seriously though, I have to say that I'm very impressed with the whole
Samba project.  I think like most people I tend to take for granted that
I'll be able to get at my NT boxes from my unix boxes.  I hope I don't
make it sound like I think you were fishing for compliments.  I sincerely
appreciate all your work.  The amount of time that has gone into this
is amazing.


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