Setting password on NT PDC using Samba w/admin rights

Ryan Russell Ryan.Russell at
Tue Dec 14 09:26:49 GMT 1999

>what you're looking for is the rpc call samrsetuserinfo which is in the
>SAMBA_TNG branch version of both smbd and rpcclient.

Thanks for the info.

Ok, now this is probably a dumb question, but..

I just used CVS to grab SAMBA_TNG (I'm pretty cvs ignorant.
I assume it grabs the latest checkin?)  And it's WHATSNEW.txt
claims to be 2.0.0 beta1.  The "latest" version I grabbed the other
day via a regular download claims to be 2.0.6.  The README
in the CVS download says it's 2.1.0alphaX.

I assume I've got the branch I want to research my original
question, the the WHATSNEW.txt is just old?


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