CVS rearrangement done - please read

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Mon Dec 13 18:18:08 GMT 1999

Samba PDC is not overdue.

It has been mentioned before that the Team is working in undocumented 
space.  We cannot and do not know how vast the project is at this point.  
As new discoveries are made, they are posted for discussion, and new 
features are added to the code.

Luke's re-org of the code is a result of stepping back for a moment and
rethinking development based on what we've learned so far.  When it all
started, it probably seemed possible to bundle everything into a
monolithic architecture.  Now it seems better to break things up a bit. 
We could not have know *how* to break things up when things started since
we had no way of classifying the operations. 

Chris -)-----

> Hello,
> So where does this leave samba 2.1, since we really really need stable PDC
> support soon. I know I am complaining here, but when is PDC support coming to a
> non-CVS source.
> Anoucing the start of a new samba branch with a new version number is quite
> worring given the overdueness of a new release.
> Beau Kuiper
> ekuiperba at

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