Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Mon Dec 13 17:22:13 GMT 1999

> > 	2)  Whatever you do, don't make a "stable release" that can
> > destroy NT networks.  I know of at least one major company that's banned
> > all Linux workstations due to *one box running gated* that took down
> > entire subnets.  Eek.
> what they don't realise is that nt can do likewise, therefore they should
> ban NT from their NT networks.

NT is a tremendous pain to get loaded up as a PDC, and that's a one way
decision.  Plus, you need a NT Server CD.  MS made it extraordinarily
painful for Your Average User to gum up the works, and there's a reason

We have an obligation to make it clear what behaviors might kill networks,
and make them *difficult* to accidentally spawn.  That means, if two PDCs
can't coexist on the same subnet, *we should die unless the user
explicitly forbids that behavior*, because it's most likely we're being
run as a PDC in an environment that A) Already has a PDC and B) We're
going to break that PDC if we don't go away.

Welcome to the desert of the real...

Remember:  We didn't design this protocol, we just have to deal with it.

Yours Truly,

	Dan Kaminsky
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