Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Sun Dec 12 22:18:21 GMT 1999


	Sounds like you're hacking together some interesting stuff.  A
couple comments, though--

	1)  We accept it as obvious that multiple incoming SMB connections
should spawn multiple smbd processes to feed files to them.  We don't,
however, accept it as obvious that we should need to preload as many
available SMB daemons as we expect to have simultaneous links :-)  Could
not one daemon autospawn the required NT daemons on demand?

	2)  Whatever you do, don't make a "stable release" that can
destroy NT networks.  I know of at least one major company that's banned
all Linux workstations due to *one box running gated* that took down
entire subnets.  Eek.

Yours Truly,

	Dan Kaminsky
	DoxPara Research

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