major architectural "split"

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun Dec 12 20:55:19 GMT 1999


a book on dce/rpc over smb will be available from macmillan technical
publishing by the end of this year.  it answers your first question what
exactly is MSRPC.

second question: dce/rpc over smb _uses_ smbtrans2 and other smbs to
transfer dce/rpc.

third question: yes, dce/rpc rides over smb, including inheriting the
security context of the smb session it rides on until the dce/rpc session
sets up its own security context.

the architecture uses unix sockets (struct sockaddr_un) to send msrpc data
to and from smbd.  client-side is implemented in msrpc_use.c and
msrpc-client.c; server-side is hard-coded implemented in msrpc/msrpcd.c
and rpc_server/srv_pipe.c at the moment.  it's a bit messy, but it
actually works, which is stunningly amazing.

i have yet to actually stress it, however it copes with single PDUs (small
transfers) absolutely fine.  i will be doing some follow-up testing later
this week.


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