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Stefano Colombo s_colombo at iol.it
Fri Dec 10 16:02:07 GMT 1999

Did you configure in the global section
 guest user = ok 
 browsable =yes 

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Hi there,

I wonder why it is not possible to browse a Samba Server (2.0.5a) with
public shares from an NT4SP5 Workstation, if the NT User is neither in
the Unix Password Database nor in the smbpasswd?

There are several people who have an account on the Samba server, and
have there [home] share. All other people should only be allowed to
access a public share and the printers (which are public, too). The
Samba box uses security=user. Everything works fine, an unknown user can
connect to public shares and to printers, but he cannot browse the
server. Why?

bye, Michael
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