Solution to: Inoculan incompatible with Samba?

Tulipánt Gergely tulipant-gergely at
Thu Dec 9 10:57:50 GMT 1999

Replying my own post:

> Date sent:      	Tue, 26 Oct 1999 15:03:21 +0200

> Samba 2.0.5b on Linux 2.0.36.

Sorry, it was 2.0.5a, now 2.0.6.

> Inoculan virus scanner up-to-date on WinNT4SP3HU and WinNT4SP5HU.

> There are zillions of problems (eg. oplock breaks (oplock is now disabled); the client and server 
> having different ideas of what files are open; multiple connections from the same client; losing 
> connection on the middle of reading/writing files; etc.).


> Then the client sends SMBntcreateX "whatever.gid" with the same tree id, and it gets  
> "SMBError = ERRSRV - ERRinvnid (The tree ID (TID) specified in a command was invalid.)"
> I don't see why it became invalid. :(

It didn't. That error message confused both me and NT.
It's just that braindead Inoculan tries to access that file as guest.
This error code made NT abandon that connection along with the open files, and create a new 
one. :(

So, here's the patch I solved this problem with:

--- source/smbd/process.c.orig	Wed Dec  8 21:19:21 1999
+++ source/smbd/process.c	Wed Dec  8 21:19:31 1999
@@ -504,7 +504,7 @@
         if (flags & AS_GUEST) 
           flags &= ~AS_USER;
-          return(ERROR(ERRSRV,ERRinvnid));
+          return(ERROR(ERRSRV,ERRaccess));
       /* this code is to work around a bug is MS client 3 without
          introducing a security hole - it needs to be able to do

If I see no comment on this in a few weeks, I'll try to register this patch on the Samba web site 
and let the Inoculan people know their software is broken.

samba-bugs at doesn't work any more. It should be reflected in the documentation.

Thanks to David M. Davisson for letting us know that anti-virus softwares try to access the 
shares as guest.

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