major architectural "split"

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Thu Dec 9 00:52:40 GMT 1999

Tim Potter wrote:

> Can you make a branch or something to do all this major stuff in?  I
> get the impression that people (i.e everyone who uses this stuff for
> work related purposes) really want a stable Samba with all the PDC
> stuff in it instead of having to take a punt at whether the latest CVS
> HEAD actually compiles.


> Some ideas:
>      - have a couple of 2.1 snapshots that are known to compile and
>        get people to use these instead of HEAD

A good start.

>      - start merging stuff from HEAD across into the stable version

This needs doing, but slowly and carefully.

>      - annoint a release manager or something like that to get 2.1
>        going a bit faster

I doubt this would work. The changes are now too great.
>      - give luke his own branch (-:

We tried this before. It had to be abandoned :-(.

> My impression at the moment is the easiest thing to do is to take
> 2.0.6, rename it as SAMBA_2_1 and start merging stuff from HEAD into
> it.  I know JF has been doing some merging but I don't think it has
> been committed yet.

Yep. The work JF has done is the best place to start,
but I haven't been able to look at it yet so I don't
know if it has some of the stuff that will *definately*
have to be changed & fixed (like the group database stuff)
before a stable release.


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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