major architectural "split"

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Wed Dec 8 23:17:03 GMT 1999

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton writes:

> i am not looking forward to having to modify 2.0.x and cvs main to do
> this, but once it is done, it will DEFINITELY make development of samba
> MSRPC services _so_ much easier.

Can you make a branch or something to do all this major stuff in?  I
get the impression that people (i.e everyone who uses this stuff for
work related purposes) really want a stable Samba with all the PDC
stuff in it instead of having to take a punt at whether the latest CVS
HEAD actually compiles.

Some ideas:

     - have a couple of 2.1 snapshots that are known to compile and
       get people to use these instead of HEAD

     - start merging stuff from HEAD across into the stable version

     - annoint a release manager or something like that to get 2.1
       going a bit faster

     - give luke his own branch (-:

My impression at the moment is the easiest thing to do is to take
2.0.6, rename it as SAMBA_2_1 and start merging stuff from HEAD into
it.  I know JF has been doing some merging but I don't think it has
been committed yet.


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