sys/un.h in includes.h

Michael Stockman pgmtekn-micke at
Mon Dec 6 19:37:57 GMT 1999


Why has someone added sys/un.h at the beginning of include/includes.h?
This breaks my slackware linux system due to that a type defined in
socket.h is assumed to be defined in un.h. Could someone who know a
great place for it please move it after socket.h (or socket.h before

May I please also once again submit the patch to parse_srv.c that
fixes an obvious typo (someone is supposed to apply it now, hint :-)?

Maybe I should mention that this is all head branch, just for the
record. Also, I hope that all these new daemons won't delay the big
merge too much.

Best regards
  Michael Stockman
  pgmtekn-micke at

begin 666 parse_srv.patch
M+2TM('!A<G-E7W-R=BYC+F]R:6<)36]N($1E8R @-B Q-SHR,CHS." Q.3DY
M"BLK*R!P87)S95]S<G8N8PE-;VX at 1&5C(" V(#$X.C Y.C(X(#$Y.3D*0$ @
M+34R-RPW("LU,C<L-R! 0 H@"41%0E5'*#4L*")M86ME7W-R=E]S97-S7VEN
M9F\Q7W-T<EQN(BDI.PH@"B );6%K95]U;FES='(R*"8H<W,Q+3YU;FE?;F%M
M=6YI<W1R,B at F*'-S,2T^=6YI7W5S97(I+"!U<V5R+"!S=')L96XH=7-E<BDK
8,2D["B *( ER971U<FX at 5')U93L*('T*

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