trace required of w9x to nt pdc (domain controller)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun Dec 5 22:57:45 GMT 1999


samba latest cvs, as of last month, no longer can be connected to as a
pdc by lose9x, because the UDP "GetDC" request is not longer suited to 9x.

personally, i couldn't care less if 9x can't talk to samba, however i
understand that others may not feel the same way about 9x that i do.  that
doesn't mean that i'm going to install 9x or even go near it.

so :) that means that some kind soul needs to make a network trace,
preferably with netmon, of a win9x host "discovering" an NT pdc, and then
sending me the UDP 138 traffic portions so that i can compare and then

if you have an invested interest in this (e.g you are running 9x) and want
to run future versions of samba, this is your opportunity to make sure
that you can.

thx ppl.


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