NetBIOS Kernel Project - another nmbd rewrite!

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun Dec 5 00:00:54 GMT 1999

anyone want to volunteer? :-) :-)

i just created a "proxy" system which currently has two uses: a port 137
redirector and a port 139 redirector.

this means that, AT LAST, we can write a proper "NetBIOS Kernel".

the proposal includes the creation of:

nbtd - responsible for redirecting UDP 137 and UDP 138 traffic from unix
sockets to actual 138 and 138 ports.

nbtkerneld - responsible for defending names registered to it by programs
that use a name_register() and name_release() API

nmbd - the current browser daemon

winsd - a wins server daemon

nbtkerneld will communicate with nbtd.

winsd will communicate with nbtd.

nmbd will communicate with nbtkerneld for registrations and nbtd for

nmblookup will communicate with nbtd.

_finally_, nmblookup will be able to read node status responses while nmbd
is running, because nbtd will redirect the botched response up a unix pipe
to nmblookup.

_finally_, we will be able to write UDP mailslot client code that works,
because we can have nbtd redirect the UDP response back to the client.


ok.  so.  any takers? :-) :-)

me?  oh, i'm going to write an msrpc agent, run a unix socket back-end off
of the smbd msrpc \PIPE\ code, and then split smbd into several daemons,
like samrd and lsarpcd and svcctld, which i've been meaning to do since


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