Luke Leighton lkcl at
Sat Dec 4 01:30:56 GMT 1999

smb-agent.  similar to ssh-agent, it manages smb client connections.

it is possible to make an smb connection from one user process, and then
in another totally separate user process use the existing smb connection -
without knowing the smb password.

i will probably modify this behaviour so that you need not know the
username of the existing smb connection, either.  this will bring the
behaviour into line with nt client connections.

the agent restricts usage to the same unix username by creating a unix
socket named /tmp/.smb.[uid]/agent and then restricting the permissions on
the directory /tmp/.smb.[uid]  to u+rwx only.

look for commits to get smbclient, smbsh etc to use smb-agent soon.


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