Patches to head (become_root and some RPC stuff)

Michael Stockman pgmtekn-micke at
Fri Aug 27 21:33:36 GMT 1999

> > 2. I have heard nothing about any problems after responding to
> > Glauche 4 days ago. Dare I ask if we can incorporate the patches
or if
> > I should throw them out the window and move on to something else?
> sorry to ask, but what was your patch about ? A lost the thread
> ...

Was at the beginning of the tread. Removed become_root around calls to
the password and group databases that were performed on behalf of the
user an later also contained some improvements to some RPC responses
(all for head).

The two problems that I'm aware of, though currently cannot do
anything about due to lack of information, are:
* A guest something account shows up on NT
* NETLOGON stopped working for NT (this might have been due to an old
patch, don't know where it ended up)

> > One question in regards to the password api: If samba (acting on
> > behalf of the user) can access only some parts of the answer to a
> > query (say to a LDAP db), should the api fail completely or is it
> > to answer as much as it can (leaving other fields blank)?
> It should anwser as much as it can, the other fields being
initalised with
> default values.
> > The last question, where is the RPC_AUTH_VERIFIER type defined?
> > getting compile errors from time to time.
> don't now. grep RPC_AUTH_VERIFIER includes/*.h ?

Have tried, no luck, and thus compiler errors (undefined type) :-(

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  Michael Stockman
  pgmtekn-micke at

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