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Jeremy Allison jallison at cthulhu.engr.sgi.com
Wed Aug 25 18:01:45 GMT 1999

David Lee wrote:
> That had also been my first idea, including allowing dot files in
> subdirectories which successively override parents.  But it felt far too
> complicated (one of those gut feelings).  Also, what happens when the same
> object is accessed via different routes, such as with symbolic links?
> So I, too, went off the dot-file idea.
> > Currently, setting the setgid bit on a directory causes the
> > primary group to be inherited from the directory, not the
> > owner. Our idea was to add (another:-) new parameter on a
> > per-share basis :
> >
> > "inherit permissions"
> >
> > which would be a boolean with the following effect. If this
> > is set on a share and the directory within which the file or
> > directory is being created has the setgid bit set then the
> > permissions of the file or directory are inherited from that
> > of the directory.
> >
> > This would allow feature to be used on a per-directory basis,
> > and would also propagate into created directories.
> Sounds very like my "inherit mode"!  (Had you seen its writeup??)
> Briefly, if the share has "inherit mode" in smb.conf then:
> 1. files inherit read/write bits from the directory;
> 2. subdirectories inherit all bits;
> 3. the setgid bit has *no* samba-specific meaning; it is allowed to
>    operate as per its host UNIX system.
> Point (2) gives propagation into subdirectories.  Our proposals differ on
> point (3).  Naturally, I prefer mine...
> It has double virtues: (1) it was simple to implement (2) is intuitive to,
> and easy to explain to, users.

Well the reason for the setgid bit in conjunction with
a parameter meaning "inherit" is that I thought the request
was for this ability on a per-directory granularity, rather
than a per-share granularity.

I briefly toyed with using a directory setuid bit to mean
this but rapidly decided this was a *bad* idea :-).

Can anyone who admins Samba on a regular basis comment on
whether this feature would be needed on a per-directory or
per-share basis ?



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