VxFS quotas (Was: Where to submit patches?)

Dirk De Wachter Dirk.DeWachter at rug.ac.be
Wed Aug 25 10:50:38 GMT 1999


just to remind you all that HP-UX 10.20 seems to work perfectly with 
quotas on a VxFS file system and may not need any patches. Yet, 
depending on the OS installation a file 
/usr/include/sys/fs/vx_ioctl.h may exist (as does a file 

The patch submitted by David Lee, assumes that the VxFS should be 
handled different if this file exists, but I believe it may only do 
this based on both OS and the presence of this file. (I refer to the 
patched lines 673-678 of include/includes.h). Or perhaps, it should 
check the vx_quota.h file instead of vx_ioctl.h.
Several of the includes mentioned in the patch for smbd/quotas.c 
(lines 725 and up) are not present on HPUX systems and the patch may 
therefore break quotas on this OS.

I would suggest that not VXFS should be defined (as yet) in 
include/includes.h but VXFS_QUOTA to reflect that only quotas may be 
handled differently on VxFS and not other aspects of SAMBA. That is, 
VXFS may defined also, but should be used in a more general way, e.g. 
if also locking or syncing would be handled in a special way by 


Dirk De Wachter

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