FW: Samba NT Domain Controller code

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at anu.edu.au
Wed Aug 25 00:49:45 GMT 1999

Gerald Carter writes:

> > Well there is actually a snapshot directory in the ftp area, 
> > but it hasn't been touched since Dec 31 1997.  (-: If someone 
> > with the proper access (tridge?  jeremy?) could make 
> > that directory group writable or something, I could set up 
> > a cron job to make nightly/weekly/whatever snapshots and 
> > copy them in there.  I guess the files would appear on
> > the mirrors too.
> OK.  I'll ask.  Do we really want to make prealpha 
> code available via FTP for everyone to get?  The CVS 
> mechanism acts somewhat as a filter for those who want 
> to try it.  First you must figure out CVS.

I think the problem was that people who knew how to use CVS were
unable to do so due to restrictive firewalls.

Personally, I don't think suitable access to the machine can be
arranged since the administrators of the machine are overseas and/or
really busy.


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