Error in debug-message...

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Aug 24 17:52:38 GMT 1999

Mattias.Gronlund wrote:

> I was looking for trust_password_lock via LXR:ed samba-source, when I
> found that get_trust_account_file_name() writes a debug-message that
> start with: "trust_password_lock:" insted of
> "get_trust_account_file_name".
> If I get this right, the text sent to DEBUG should not include the name
> of the function as that is handled by FUNCTION_MACRO inside DEBUG on
> when compilde with supported compilers...
> I send two patches, one that fixes the buggy message and one other
> that removes all the extra function-name printings...

The first patch is correct, the other isn't as there are
compilers where the FUNCTION_MACRO doesn't work at all.

Unfortunately we need both.


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