FW: Samba NT Domain Controller code

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Aug 24 12:35:03 GMT 1999

Tim Potter wrote:
> Well there is actually a snapshot directory in the ftp area, 
> but it hasn't been touched since Dec 31 1997.  (-: If someone 
> with the proper access (tridge?  jeremy?) could make 
> that directory group writable or something, I could set up 
> a cron job to make nightly/weekly/whatever snapshots and 
> copy them in there.  I guess the files would appear on
> the mirrors too.

OK.  I'll ask.  Do we really want to make prealpha 
code available via FTP for everyone to get?  The CVS 
mechanism acts somewhat as a filter for those who want 
to try it.  First you must figure out CVS.

With FTP, will we have to start answering more questions
from those who don't really need to be running test code 

Although one very good arguement is that it provides a base 
to submit patches against.  Since the PDC stuff is getting more
widespread, this might be a good thing. 


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