Local charset and SWAT

Andrej Borsenkow Andrej.Borsenkow at mow.siemens.ru
Tue Aug 24 09:36:39 GMT 1999

Latest additions enable creating some parameters in local character set. This
means, that user must now select the correct charset when editing/viewing the
config with SWAT. It may be not the issue with ASCII/Western charsets, but e.g.
Cyrillic has at least five charsets (koi8-r, koi8-u, cp1251,cp866,iso-8859-5).
If browser is configured for a different charset, the entered items will be

I strongly suggest, that SWAT returns charset tag in all it's message. It should
be local charset as configured in smb.conf. It implies, that charset tags be
better official registered MIME charset tags or at least the tags, used in WWW.

This will provide automatic browser configuration (at least, with most modern
browsers) so that at least display will be correct.



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