Patches to head (become_root and some RPC stuff)

Doug VanLeuven ldx at
Tue Aug 24 09:18:06 GMT 1999

Michael Stockman wrote:

> lib/util_status.c <fixed a bug, added pid_to_uid(pid_t, uid_t *)>

Samba 2.1 Head branch CVS with LDAP
Redhat 5.2, kernel 2.0.36, gcc

lib/util_status.patch (pid_to_uid) was corrupted at the final return. All I got was "retu".
I assumed it was "return False".

I checked out a fresh copy of samba Head branch & applied the patches.

1. The "nobody" home share is still there.
2. I haven't used server admin much so I can't say about that.  But I have complete
lists of users,shares & connections.

3. Logged in as any member (member of "Domain Admins" or not):
What functionallity/bugs I had from usrmgr.exe I had before, I seem to still have:
    I can't add a domain group to a user using usrmgr.exe even when logged on
as a "Domain Admin" (LDAP objectclass: sambaGroup), however I can add/delete
local groups (LDAP objectclass: sambaBuiltin).
    Pedestal Software's ntuser.exe can add a user to "Domain Admins" while
logged on as a common user.
    I also can do these things when logged on as a common user on a different
MS domain PDC.
    These characteristics are pre & post patch.

I feel I should point out normal NT operations doesn't allow a non "Domain Admins"
user to even -look- at their own account much less add another user to
the "Domain Admins" group.

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