questionable code in nmbd/nmbd_packets.c?

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Mon Aug 23 15:37:23 GMT 1999

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> Subject:	Re: questionable code in nmbd/nmbd_packets.c?
> Ok - here's my patch for this problem. Can you check in
> your environment to see that it fixes it ?
	*sigh*  my test server's out of commission right now.  Maybe someone
else on the list can give it a shot?  It should just be a matter of browsing
the workgroup/domain in question from an NT4SP3 or NT4SP4 client, and then
quickly checking the NetBIOS cache with "nbtstat -c".  If the patch worked,
the <00> record shown for the server should have the correct IP.

	As a matter of interest, I earlier tried simply removing the special
case altogether from nmbd_packets.c, and things seem to work acceptably.
May just be because I only have a single broadcast subnet, though.

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