2.0.4a: Problem with credentials caching?

Martin Kuhne mkuhne at microsoft.com
Fri Aug 20 08:32:19 GMT 1999


thanks for the quick response. smb.conf contains

         security = USER
         encrypt passwords = Yes
         guest account = guest
         hosts allow = <some IP>
         printing = bsd

 [typical share]
         comment = blah
         path = /path
         read only = No
         create mask = 0765

I know how to activate debug, but as I cannot reproduce the problem here I'd
appreciate some hints for the customer on what to look for in the debug log

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Martin Kuhne wrote:
> Hi,
> One of my customers sees this using NTWS 4.0:
> dir \\server\share -> Fails. "The specified network password is not
> correct." The user exists on both machines but with different passwords
> net use \\server\share /u:user password
> dir \\server\share -> Still fails, but other shares on the same server
> After a certain time, this share will work as well.

If it starts working after a time it's not likely to be
an encrypted password issue.

What method of Samba authentication is the customer using ?

(ie. what is the "security=" line set to in the smb.conf).

> I cannot reproduce this on NT4SP4 vs. samba 2.0.1. Is this a known
> What debug / log settings are useful to look into samba's verification of
> credentials?

You can set the Samba debug log level higher by hitting a
running smbd with a SIGUSR1, or start it with the -d<number>
option. Level 10 is usually the highest useful level.

Hope this helps,

	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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