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Wed Aug 18 21:02:04 GMT 1999

MSDN NetSessionEnum.

	cname (computer name)
	username (user who established the connection)
	num_opens (files, pipes and devices opened during session)
	time (session active time, seconds)
	idle_time (session idle time, seconds)

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Michael Glauche wrote:

> Hi,
>   can you tell me what parametes SRV_NETSESSENUM returns ? (so that I
> know what I should
> send .. :) The code works basicly fine now. I can see the number of
> sessions (computed in the status.c fashion) in srvmgr.exe, and I can
> even see some details about it, but the field "connected users" contains
> only pure garbage ...
> (as I can imagine, that SRV_NETSESSENUM could return multiple users per
> session ..)
> TIA,
>    Michael

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