FYI: creation of Ne??: and File: files

Andy Bakun abakun at
Wed Aug 18 16:37:00 GMT 1999

A while ago, I had posted a patch which seemd to fix the problem with the
following symptoms:

- printing to a file doesn't prompt for a filename
- output goes into files named after the port the printer is setup to print

Unfortunately, my patch wasn't all encompassing.  It lessed the effects of
this problem on my network, but I had reports that it had no effect for other

Today, with some more experimentation, I discovered that if the client can not
create the output file named after the printer port, it prompts.  This cropped
up again today, so I removed the file it was creating, and made another with
the same name (Ne03: in this case) and made it non-writable to the client.
The client then prompted for the filename -- I presume because it couldn't
create the output file -- by this logic, my patch
( should have
worked... unless a different error code needs to be returned for "special
files" in this case.


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