Samba and Exchange?

Mon Aug 16 15:15:14 GMT 1999

Redirect to /dev/null if necessary. I am looking at integrating Linux and MS
Exchange Server. Has anyone attempted this and if so what were the results?
I figured this was a revelant question since in a MS TechNet article
discussing Exchange on Novell Networks says:
In the Windows NT domain security model, when a client needs access to a
domain resource, the client sends their [DOMAIN\UserName, Password] as the
security credentials. The client sends these security credentials using
either SMBs or RPCs over whatever protocol is common to both client and
server. The Windows NT based server checks the credentials against the
Security Account Manager database (SAM) and grants or denies access. 
Any help, docs, etc.. will be appreciated.

until(! -e $i) {
       print "Randy";

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