smbmount problems

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Mon Aug 16 13:48:36 GMT 1999

I am using smbmount from the 2.0.5a series on a redhat (6.0) linux
(2.2.10) machine.  I have smbmnt setuid root, and am logged in as a normal

When I try to mount something I get a request for a password.  If I type
the correct password everthing is fine, however if I type an incorrect
password, it fails.  This would be fine, however along with giving me a
message that it failed, it also seems to somehow lock up the mount point.
Any attempt to mount something again, or to even do an "ls" gives a
resource busy" message or some type of i/o message (don't have access to
the exact text here)  the solution is to unmount the mount point, even
though nothing was actually mounted.

Another thing I noticed is there no longer seems to be an smbunmount
command.  These is somewhat of a pain since umount does not think an
average user has the right to unmount a smb share, even though that user
just mounted it.  Having to su to unmount user created mounts is a pain,
iss there a reason smbumount is no longer shipped, or am I just missing


Christopher Rogers
gandalf at       gandalf at

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