[OT] mail headers on this list

Kenneth Stephen pgmr at marvin.megadodo.umb
Thu Aug 12 12:41:30 GMT 1999


	I am not sure if this has been defined in some RFC, but if the
>From header is different from the Reply-To header in an email, the reply
should default to (if a default is supported) the Reply-To address.
Unfortunately, the samba-technical list archive doesnt show up the
Reply-To header. My mail server for instance would show the "From" as
"pgmr at marvin.megadodo.umb" (which is a nonsensical address), and rewrite the "Reply-To" to be a valid
address ("ksteph1 at ibm.net"). Could someone fix this please? Either show
the Reply-To instead of the From, or show both headers.


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